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The last party - Master project, Konstfack 2019 

Ceramics, jesmonite, aluminium, oil canvas. 

When I want to comfort myself I ask "Will it matter in a hundred years?" And that makes me care less or be more brave. I work in ceramics because I want it to last forever, to take a stand for the weak and the brittle, yet the powerful and eternal. 

The last party is a project about standing on the border of contradictions, having fear of the empty space and the crowded room, not being seen and terrified of being looked at, being too much and not being enough. 

Serendipity - att söka en sak och finna någon annan

saker som är glömt

eller gömt

som hamnat i skymundan

saker som förlagts


som upplevts


åter funnet

åter brunnen